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Independent fatigue, hair loss! General, bad feeling

After several attempts, I realized that conventional medicine could not help me. By chance God sent me Kristini. During the consultation I felt like I was with an old friend. Warm energy radiates from her. Very pleasant, knowledgeable and bright person. During the visit, I felt completely understood and the meeting went productively. I also entrusted my little daughter for inspection. The daughter was more open than usual at the doctors.
Thank you Kristin!

Biopati og helse utfordringer

I min konsultasjon hos Kristine fikk jeg god hjelp. Hun viste god forståelse for mitt helse problem. Etter konsultasjonen fulgte hun opp med verdifull informasjon både via Mail og mobil med svar på mine spørsmål. Jeg opplever henne som sjelden kunnskapsrik og dyktig terapeut.


Life changing decision

Booking consultation with Kristine was truly life changing.
I have struggled with some health issues throughout my life, mainly acne and stomach issues. Those issues were given mediocre care that left me with just OK feeling but I moved on. Three years ago, I had serious health issues that made me rethink everything I had done to that point. And that led me to booking consultation with Kristine.
In the first minutes of talking with her, I felt like I am understood and so many of my problems finally made sense. Strictly following Kristine’s advices and health protocol, I could see the changes almost immediately. I feel like a new person.
Looking at pictures before – where there are so many issues with my skin, I almost can’t recognize myself. Diet and lifestyle changes and also proper vitamins and other advices have transformed me both inside and outside.
If you are still thinking about whether to book appointment with Kristine – please – book it now.

Līga Šlanka
Biopati og helse problemer

I was able to trust her with my personal health issues the minute we met. She gave me space to talk freely and was very supportive but also truthful about everything I will be going through to get back my health. Fast forward to few months later and I was feeling so much better. Her help was everything I needed to believe that our bodies and minds with the help of natural remedies are strong, happy and healthy!”

Kind regards
Ketija Greta